IQD Talk / Sabtu (7.2.2015) / 7.45 Malam

IQD Talk / Sabtu (7.2.2015) / 7.45 Malam

Info Ringkas Pelaburan Dinar Iraq

Pelaburan Dinar Iraq adalah pelaburan SAH di sisi undang-undang & syara'. Pelaburan ini adalah berlandaskan kepada pertukaran wang dan ia akan memberikan pulangan 500 peratus kepada mereka yang bersabar dan faham akan jenis pelaburan ini. Sama macam mereka yang melabur dalam matawang Dinar Kuwait & Afghanistan lalu, maka pelaburan Dinar Iraq adalah yang terbaik buat masa kini. Beli, simpan dan jual semasa diapungkan (RV) nanti, insyaALLAH kita akan menjadi jutawan dalam sekelip mata

* Setiap pembelian akan diberikan resit syarikat kami. Perjanjian bertulis akan dibuat atas permintaan pelanggan. IQD kami diimport terus dari Iraq dan diisytiharkan di bawah undang-undang Kastam

Lagi Faktor Bahawa Dinar Iraq Semakin Dekat Untuk RV

Dari analisis ahli ekonomi US, dikatakan bahawa Dinar Iraq semakin hampir untuk RV (revalues). Ini ringkasan faktor-faktor yang memberangsangkan itu :

- UN revalues many nation’s currencies on the March 2011

- Government of Iraq (GOI) budget is now official and goes in effect on the 1st of March 2011

- Iraq is hosting the Arab Summit on May 2011 (Clear sign that they will do what it takes to become a member of the WTO )

- Iraq MUST RI or RV in order to become a member as per WTO special request on Iraq.

- It is confirmed that US banks have had extra physical cash in their vaults ready for IQD RV – they were going to return the reserves,but were told by the Federal Reserve to cancel the return order. This is an indicator that it is imminent.

- The Iraqi budget for 2011 does not supply the contracts with the amount of money necessary for all the projects outlined pre-RV (can’t pay them at 1170 or .00086 – 1/10 of a penny) – (82.6 billion dinars is not a lot of money pre-RV. Post RV, the new rate of exchange will be sufficient monetary support all of the existing 3500 contracts as per Iraqi Government )

- China leaders signing off to the RV in Iraq on Feb 24th 2011, a huge indicator that everything is ready to go. ( US’ debt to China will be paid off to some degree by this IQD RV as US holds 3 Trillion USD in their reserves. Confirmed! )

- With the hyper inflation rising in Iraq , come 1st of March, the large denominations will have to be recirculated again which will be almost impossible since most, if not all large denominations recovered, were shredded by the CBI and they can’t afford to print new bills AGAIN.

- Iraqi Borders are being strictly monitored for incoming and outgoing planes and anyone holding Iraqi Dinars which is a pre-cursor for and RI or RV

Turkish soldiers illegally cross Iraqi borders.

- Protests in Iraq proves beneficial: The protests there have caused inflation in the country on many levels leaving the Government with now choice but to RV their currency to regain stability otherwise it would be imperative to reissue the larger denominations.

- The US Treasurer and the World Bank were in Iraq this week to sign off on the RI or RV as well . Good news there!

- GOI positions are all filled — everything else is just smoke and mirrors otherwise the budget would have been approved and official in the distant future. SAFE to note that the GOI is seated.

- The Iraqi dinar dealers are now focused on lower denominations being distributed as they are now available for investors.

- More Airports exchange boots are being set up by dealers for this upcoming RI/RV cash in process

- People all over the nation are changing their tune as to the Iraqi Dinar as a "scam" including Major Banks. — how many Us banks would be buying and selling Iraqi dinars at 1170 without a nominal gain unless they know it will be of some worth in the near future?

- No one knows the rate, however, understanding oil, natural gas, and agriculture being their GDP (Gross Domestic Product), it would be a huge disadvantage for Iraq to trade their resources with the rest of the world at that rate. Especially considering the fact that Iraq is striving to regain its status in the world – The rate of exchange has to be at least a re-instated (pre-war rate) of 3.22.

- The IMF (Int’l Monetary Fund) has also been pressuring Iraqi Government to RV…the chances of an RI or RV happening mid-March is a stretch that the IMF is NOT going to allow.

- Maliki will lose his position as Prime Minister if that happens. ( Rumor until confirmed )

- Maliki’s actual announcement on Thursday, Feb. 24th 2011 to the Iraqi people clearly indicated that Iraq has major plans to improve on the infrastructure of the country. In order to do so, the country would greatly benefit from a re-valued currency higher than its current rate of exchange. (We know things are very near) — It would be rather unwise for a Prime Minister to exclaim such plans and time periods expecting that a 1170 rate of exchange will support his goals for a country as huge as Iraq.

- Maliki said he needed 15 months to get the electricity to everyone, more time for water and the sewers.

- The country has been exchanging oil and paying contractors in US Dollars because they didn’t have a government formed in the past.

Why would a newly formed Government continue to use another country’s currency (USD) dollars when they have their own newly printed (IQD)? First of all it is very costly to print the initial denominations, and now lower denominations are being circulated. With lower denominations value being so low, why would they print and circulate low denom’s without the RV near?

- All of the above supports the events about to occur in the very near future. Any time between today and the 2nd of March

- Tell your invested friends. The RV has to happen now!

RV Semakin dekat. Ekonomi Iraq semakin pulih. US, PBB dan IMF serta rakyat Iraq semakin mendesak kerajaan Iraq untuk apungkan matawang mereka. Semoga DInar RV tak lama lagi. Boleh mana-mana pelanggan saya belanja saya minum kat hotel nanti..

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